Thursday, March 9, 2017

Karina / Rahatoimisto

Well, the Championship is over and it is time to draw conclusions. :)

I’ve been a big fan of winter sports since childhood and joining in volunteering for Lahti 2017 was “must do” for me since the beginning. And it was great! Great experience, great people, great Lahti!

I was lucky to benefit from Lahti 2017 in two ways – one more volunteer experience to my list and ability to work on tasks that are related to my Financial Management studies. I was chosen to work as a part of the Financial Office team. Accordingly, the task was to count money that comes in and leave out. Counting next day money boxes for sausage kiosks, ticket sales, parking and then returning the money at the end of the day, sending cash to the bank, bookkeeping and other related tasks were my everyday routine.

As all volunteers, I’ve got basic volunteer training in January. It included lesson about the championship with general information, some customer service related topics. Later on, I also visited cash machine course. All other skills and knowledge were acquired already during the working hours.  

As for strong sides of the championship and my learning I would say that the championship was very good organized, professional in the best meaning of this word. A number of different departments with hundreds of volunteers– crazy amount of people and work to manage and it was managed quite well. The event looked great! Everything at the high level!

As for Financial Office, there was a lot of new to learn and practice already acquired knowledge by doing and observing. Also, I did not miss my chance to meet interesting people from all over the world, try to speak different languages, train in multitasking and time management, learn to deal with problems, develop team skills, etc.

As for weaker sides of event operation, I would mention that there was not enough training or briefing for volunteers, heads of departments in particular. There must be some additional training for example for documentation handling. Sometimes the absence of strict rules for report filling was bringing time-consuming “guess yourself” situations.  

I can say that during my 8 days of work for the championship I gave 100% of my efforts to it. Days were so busy and full of different events and happening, that time went even too fast. But all the efforts were rewarded. I’ve got a great opportunity to be a part of such great event, benefit in my studied from the volunteer experience, see the Nordic World Ski Championship Lahti 2017 from inside.

Thank you, Lahti 2017!

With  best regards,
Karina Hagman

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