Sunday, March 12, 2017

My memorable voluntary experience at Lahti2017

Hi, I am Y Nguyen – a sophomore International Business student at Lamk. I feel very happy for being a part of Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. It was truly a memorable experience to me. 

I was a volunteer in Spectator Service Team where I could meet spectators from all over the world . My key tasks were to control tickets at gates and to welcome guests to Ski Games. In order to make sure the guests feel welcome, our team always smiled and greeted the guests joyfully as they arrived. As trainings were held in Finnish, I did not participate in any training before On-site Days. However, to prepare well for the tasks, I read carefully materials sent by team leader to get myself familiar with important matters such as venue map, how to use ticket control device. Also, I joined a Walkthrough session before Opening Day to get to know the venue in reality although it was not compulsory for my team. 

Being a volunteer in such a big event as Lahti2017 Ski Championships provided me a valuable opportunity to learn more about organizing event sustainably which is one of my interests. It was surprising to me to know that all waste generated in the event was either recovered as energy or recycled as material which was really a good way to save energy and enhance material efficiency. Besides, holding a large-scale event like Lahti2017 must require a strong co-operation among different departments. And, I was quite impressed by effective synergies among departments to create the success of the event. The specialization of each department enabled everyone know clearly their own tasks which helped the working flow went smoothly during the event. Nevertheless, I experienced some difficulties in communication flow as there were many emails sent to my inbox but the information was scattered and insufficient. Through my working experience, the ticket control device could not read bar code on mobile’s screen properly which slowed down check-in process and discouraged spectators to buy online tickets. Hence, to hold the event even better, in the future event organizer can utilize technology advance more widely. For example, spectators can check their tickets by themselves via automatic ticket machine instead of having someone do it which not only saves human resources but also saves time.
Lahti2017 Ski Championships SWOT

From my point of view, Lahti2017 provided a quite good learning environments as it was an international event which encouraged people to speak different languages and adapt to cultural differences. Additionally, there were many specialized departments that volunteers can choose to work and learn from. However, in my opinion, there were not enough trainings for international volunteers to prepare them necessary skills for the event. Maybe, they can provide a networking space in the future where volunteers can exchange their expertise and get help from each other.
Learning Environment SWOT
Before coming to this Championships, I did not have much experience with winter sports. Hence, the first time I saw athletes jumping from high hills and skiing was probably the most unforgettable moment to me. To conclude, I am glad that I participated in this Centenary Championships where not only can I see clearly how a large-scale event is organized but also enjoy watching intense competitions among athletes.
Y Nguyen -1600373

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