Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lahti2017: Unforgettable experience

“Do you want to be a volunteer for this upcoming event?” asked my friend. “Yea, why not?”. And by that I became a part of Lahti Ski Game 2017. At first I couldn’t image the scale of this event until we had the first training with our leader. Many people from other cities or even other countries came here to take part in the event. It was an honor to participate in Lahti Ski Game 2017.

I was in “How can I help you?” group. Our mission was checking the ticket and guide customers to the right place. Hence, I had a chance to interact with people all around Europe: Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, … I was nice know more about European culture by their own language, customs and behaviors. One interesting memory was about a Switzerland fan group, they dressed in traditional way and play traditional instruments.

I also been through lots of difficulties. The biggest one was working for many hours under the cold weather. The first day was hell, I couldn’t walk properly the next morning. But it’s worth it. I enjoyed communicating and having lunch or tea break with my teammates. Also, cheered for the athletes. Moreover, the language barrier caused me no less troubles but it couldn’t prevent me making conversations with people. My teammates were always willing to help in every situations.

I had no regrets as a volunteer in Lahti Ski Game 2017. I wish to join more meaningful events to create beautiful memories. I have learned many things and met nice people.

Thanh Ngan Vu.
Lahti university of applied sciences (LAMK).

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